These little guys changed how I think about things and I’m not sure this came across in the film…

Paul Marioni, towards the end of the movie interview, talked about how he took these little guys and placed them all around the world in museums. He secretly placed them where it would take a long time for anyone to find them. That alone is AWESOME! Did the art handlers (perhaps unappreciated) appreciate them?

He also gave them away at openings (maybe only one since I’m going from memory on that point). They were for sale as well, but I probably wouldn’t have bought one before I met Paul.

I tried to explain to Paul when we were at Pilchuck that skulls scared me before our interview and that now I think of them as wonderful. He sort of had the reaction that I had towards skulls, he squinted his face and looked confused. He asked if it was the death part and I said no. I explained that it was more about the fact that skulls are taken on by motorcycle gangs, dark characters and even poison. lol.

In the movie, Paul mentions softly (sorry) and quickly that skulls represent humanity in the best way possible since no one knows what color that person was, what nationality or what religion they follow. I just think that’s beautiful.

Tom Stempel was very sweet and remembered I wanted one of these because it actually is a symbol of when I changed my beliefs. Tom was visiting Paul since Tom was/is at an artist crossroads himself and requested that I could have one. Thank you Tom and Paul!!!