Paul Marioni – Aren’t presentations supposed to be boring?

Well Paul is still a rebel because it was anything but boring!

Some really fun things we got to hear:

  • How Paul made an ornery police chief, that fought Paul on a public project the whole way, cry and hug Paul.
  • How Paul captures glass, film and silky ideas with light.
  • How Paul appreciates the statute of limitations in regards to a car he split in two.  😉
  • What Paul is most proud of… his children (who are grown, established artists and were there).
  • Words, jokes and great thoughts by Paul that inspired me.

Thanks for a fun time…I’m so glad we went!

Later we went to see Paul’s award winning film from 40 years ago called “Hole”.  It was a mockumentary about a man obsessed with holes.  After that there was a film that Paul was in called “Rest in Pieces”.  I show snippets of “Hole” in Painted in the Desert but it’s well worth seeing the entire film.  Side note:  Paul was the first to show John Waters, David Lynch and other great films in San Francisco.  He’s just plain cool…

When the audio is available from the presentation, it will be available here…