Richard Royal at Bemis in SoDo

We went to the Bemis Building Art Walk today and was surprised to turn the corner and run into Richard Royal’s studio. It was gorgeous!  I’m so sad I didn’t take any pics of that gallery.  Richard is one of the six degrees of most of the artists in the movie.  He did the blanks (I’m pretty sure) for Bob Carlson’s “The Twelve Apostles of the Modern Mind” and for Cappy’s work.  I think his name was sprinkled in a few more times but maybe didn’t make the cut?  I introduced myself and he was, of course, very nice like the rest of the group.

We’ve never been to that artwalk before and we were both pleasantly surprised.  I’d never even heard of it.  Richard said that they took a few years off and then started doing them bi-yearly for a weekend.  The studios alone are stunning and well worth it.  I didn’t have the guts to ask for any pics of just the studios.

Vanessa Steinhillo was very sweet and let me take a picture of her and her dreamy work at her studio.