Weiss and Marioni 17 and 71 year old birthday shenanigans

Birthday boys Paul Marioni 71, with Ray Blomdahl Weiss 17.

The making of the Painted in the Desert movie was a true family affair. My father Dick Weiss was central to the entire process, allowing us access to his world of working artist friends. His wife Sonja Blomdahl, my little brother Raynors mother was also in the film. My cousin Leela delighted us throughout her major involvement in the filming. Leela’s father Karl lets us use his vintage Super 8 home movies throughout the project giving it an authentic retro northwest charm. And then all of the other artist are like family too. So in that vein we shall offer images from the auspicious shared birthday of my {not so little} Brother Ray on his 17th, which also happens to be glass artist Paul Marioni’s day of birth, and his 71st this year. Paul said every 11 years he and Rays ages will be flip-flopped. So cool.

Paul Marioni in his Saint pose

Sweet 17 Ray Blomdahl Weiss


A little insulated glass world story to share. At the birthday party I told Marina Marioni {Paul’s daughter; and by the way, go see the Marioni family show at the Tacoma Art Museum before it closes mid September. This creative family is an important piece of  the NW art world lineage.}  we shouldn’t tell other people about her comment below, because no one else but glass artists would be our friends. That said, I am taking the risk because it WILL make the glass devotees giggle. Ray had gotten some super cool skate boarding brand coat with the word star in the name. It was maroon on top and navy blue on the bottom. Marina chimes in that the coat is incalmo, the classic italian process of connecting two different colors of glass so they are joined, yet distinct in their own shades. We all laughed, and bizarrely knew what she meant. Hilarious Marina, yes we grew up in a strange and fascinating little universe. {Glass world people are grinning now, the weird, weird stuff we know. I assume other trades have equally strange vocabularies: Blacksmiths, brick layers, electricians, lithographers…}

Artists Marina and Paul Marioni enjoying the birthday shindigs.

Happy Birthday you two, we love you.