The Marioni Family: Radical Experimentation in Glass and Jewelry at the Tacoma Art Museum ONLY 5 more days to see it

Mellissae Here: I LOVE the Marioni family. I have known them since I was a kid, and they have always inspired me with their passionate independence. Paul is one of my father’s best friends, and we spent a lot of time hanging out at the old telephone exchange building where all of the Marioni’s have had their studios for decades.

This summer the Tacoma Art Museum installed a show surveying the families creative output, as well as honoring father Paul’s recent donation of his extensive  glass art collection to the museum. At one of the openings it was like an old school reunion , I got to see Rob Adamson who started the Glass Eye blowing studio where many pole turners got their start including Sonja Blomdahl and Charlie Parriott, as well as Paul’s son Dante who is in the TAM show. I got to sit next to Fritz Dreisbach during the panel discussion, he is one of the founders of the studio glass movement that has grown into the worldwide community that it is today. Artist couple Bob and Mary Carlson were also there, with Walt Lieberman,  all from the Painted in the Desert movie. Alice Rooney was also there, the early director of the Pilchuck Glass School in Standwood, WA, and Bill Traver, the Seattle gallery owner that launched most of the prominent Northwest glass artists careers.

What a treat it is to see the range of work that the innovative Marioni family has been producing over the years. Paul’s cast, slumped, blown, and painted glass work is both political and mystical, son Dante’s classically produced work is refined and architectural, and daughter Marina’s handmade jewelry is funky, punk rock and utterly charming. MK also did a great Blog post with images of the art in the show when it opened, so you can see more pictures from this great exhibit:

It will only be up for five more days, until Sunday, September 23rd. So if you want to witness part of our unique Northwest creative legacy, get on down to Tacoma.

Image above of the panel discussion with Dante, Marina & Paul Marioni, curator Rock Hushka, and Dale Chihuly.