Seeing is Believing-The Vision Fulfilled

Dick Weiss & Cappy Thompson from the Painted in the Desert movie with Jeffrey Mitchell painted platter from the wonderful Traver gallery show in Tacoma. Go see it through April 15th, 2012.

Boy has it been a fabulous couple of weeks for the Painted in the Desert movie. MK has been previewing the film for a small number of folks and the feedback has been great. We got to go see a wonderful painted on clay show at the Traver gallery with art by Dick Weiss and Cappy Thompson from the movie and other stars from the film in attendance. {the stars will make some of them cringe, and makes me giggle-all in good fun}.

Filmmaker MK, co-producer Frank Burke and I were also blown away by Wim Wenders 3-D film about genius dancers called Pina. See it if you can, even if you don’t think watching dance on a big screen is your thing, the movements and relationships they explore touch something archetypal within. It’s as if they are mirroring back parts of our human-ness that we had not seen in that way before. Truly stunning.

Artists Walt Lieberman and Bob Carlson from the Painted in the Desert movie

And then on Monday night I got to see the close to completed version of the movie with other pivotal folks in the film including my cousin Leela, her dad Uncle Karl who offered a ton of great vintage film clips from the family, Angela who is my sister in grunge, Beegee my sister in Dance, and Tony, Leela’s beau who helped film Leela and I on her 21st birthday in the photo booth machine.

Artist Cappy Thompson from the Painted in the Desert movie at her opening at the Traver gallery in Tacoma

The upshot is, MK fulfilled her vision. She manifested what she spoke of last June when we started this project. It is  awe-inspiring  to see such a grand undertaking almost completed in 9 months. Now MK has given blood, sweat and tears over the last 4-5 months of editing. She went into the cave, created beauty and magic, and now we all get to benefit from her dogged determination and passion. I look forward to when we get to see the film on a bigger screen, and we are pleased as punch by how well it is all flowing along.

We have a new short video about how the movie has evolved, a lovely teaser..see it below…AND we can’t wait to share the movie with you all!!!

Father and daughter artists Dick Weiss and Mellissae Lucia from the Painted in the Desert movie with Dick’s painted platters at the Traver gallery in Tacoma through April 15th, 2012