MK is almost done with the director’s cut of the Painted in the Desert movie

POST WRITTEN BY Mellissae Lucia

Hello dear Painted in the Desert devotees {giggle, giggle}

Charlie and Connie Parriott all dressed up and having a moment at the Dale Chihuly fundraiser roast/toast in Fremont, the center of the Universe

This has been a wild ride this year, the Painted in the Desert project coming out of the blue after I asked MK to help me make some SHORT films marketing my new book and work. I giggle at the “short” part because when this wild and crazy idea flew into MK’s psyche we had no idea what the journey would yield. One of the things I thought initially was that if we knew what we were truly getting into at the beginning of our first foray into full length documentary film making, we would not do it. Now, I cannot speak for MK at this point, since she has been in intense labor with editing the film for a good month and a half, so I will speak from the father’s position in the waiting room saying it is not true for me at all  that I would not do it again. Wild horses probably  couldn’t keep me from doing it again.

Bob Carlson in his studio with a monotype of friend and fellow artist Dick Weiss

This whole adventure has actually been the fulfillment of many of my personal dreams. I got to collaborate with someone I trust and enjoy who is brilliant, I grew exponentially  in self-confidence with being in front of the camera and interviewing people, we captured my profound love for the raw beauty and magic of New Mexico during our filming there, and it was a total love-fest during the interviews with the artists I grew up with. It really was a homecoming, a recognition of my own arrival as an artist and tribe member in the world of people who have bravely forged a new path living lives they love.

Cappy Thompson and Mellissae Lucia in front of some of the painted ceramic she and Dick Weiss collaborate on heading of to the Dale Chihuly roast

I would say for both MK and I it has been a really, really wonderful confirmation that when you show up and put yourself out there that the universe conspires and supports your dreams. Equipment, music, people, locations, media, and inspirations all showed up just when we needed them. Even when we felt thwarted it turned out that the delay helped us to make a better movie. It has been a monumental trust walk, and even though we have worked our butts off, it has had a flow and ease to it. I will carry these lessons through out the rest of my life, that when you truly get magically inspired by an idea, even if you have never done a project on that scale or anything like that, if it gets you so excited you can’t sit still, GO FOR IT.

Dick and Johanna Marquis sharing the love

So, on the eve of MK having the baby {movie} I send out the sparkly delight to YOU that has swirled around MK, Frank and I while we have made this incredible film.

Dick Weiss with his painted ceramic platers he collaborates on with Cappy Thompson

MK’s vision from the beginning was to make a documentary film that was inspiring and uplifting, offering a view into these really beautiful and fascinating lives of working artists that most people don’t get to see.  Imagine if you were a teenager and you got to a view a movie of these vital, funny, authentic, visionary, joyful people who had claimed a life they love. How would that change your own sense of potential?

Altar at Bob and Mary Carlson’s lovely island home

So it is almost the New Year, and the world is shaking and quaking with changes, and MK and I are adding our own magic to the mix. We are profoundly grateful for your support of this whole Painted in the Desert  process, and may you find and embrace your own brilliance in this coming era, we need all the illumination we can get. It’s almost 2012, LETS ROCK AND ROLL.

Photo booth joy with Ang and Mellissae