Leela’s 21st birthday extravaganza for the Painted in the Desert film

Boy did we do it up right for Leela’s rock star 21st birthday. We inhaled Vietnamese food at the established  Tamarind Tree’s new belltown location, Long Provincial. The food was fabulous, including the bomb-diggity glass noodles with fresh crab, and then went to do our all-time favorite activity…photo booth pictures!!!! Leela’s boyfriend Tony was a neophyte to the crazy Weiss photo booth gene, but he turned out to be a natural, even taking a round of home movies of the event. This is a small sampling of the evenings mayhem….we have to save some of the fun for the Painted in the Desert movie.

Cousins Mellissae Lucia and Leela kickin’ it in da’ photo booth for Leela’s 21st birthday soiree

Leela and Tony {in the bee hat btw}

our stash-notice what it is sitting on??