Full Circle artists collective with grounded wisdom for the Painted in the Desert film

Andy Miller, Ryan Henry Ward, Narboo & Dave Bloomfield

Written by Mellissae Lucia

You know those times when you meet people that you immediately like? Last night’s filming for the Painted in the Desert movie was like that. MK is friends with a wonderful group of gifted and inspiring Seattle  artists that have come together in a communal studio called Full Circle to support and enjoy each others creative lives. Each of the guys has their own unique style, yet as a group they  become something larger then themselves. Doing live paintings during band performances, or hosting public art making  at local community centers, these guys love what they do and they share it.

Leela taking production shots for the Painted in the Desert independent film about living extraordinary lives as artists featuring Mellissae Lucia

It was such a gift to be in the authentic enthusiasm and passion of people who have dedicated their  lives to inventing and exploring. Nothing escapes their creative impulses from scrap wood found on the streets to paint on, to the abundant stickers they post around the city. During the filming of the movie one of the themes that has emerged is the absolute necessity of having a community  to support the ups and downs of any creative life. This is a tribe who lives that truth, teaching the rest of us how much fun sharing our inspirations can be. This Friday October 14th from 6-11pm is the opening for their new space, Full Circle, in the Greenwood Collective building 8537 Greenwood Ave North {85th and Greenwood, Seattle}. Come check out this vibrant new center that is a vision of how we can create sustainable and fulfilling lives as artists. And much love to Brandon 13 FNGRS who was unable to attend the filming. See links to each of their sites below.

Dave Bloomfield/ Star Head Boy’s wondrous inspirations

Ryan Henry Ward’s Ballard mural

Narboo in Fremont

Andy Miller’s Full Circles