Monthly Archive: October, 2011

Leela’s 21st birthday extravaganza for the Painted in the Desert film


Boy did we do it up right for Leela’s rock star 21st birthday. We inhaled Vietnamese food at the established ¬†Tamarind Tree’s new belltown location, Long Provincial. The food was fabulous, including the… Continue reading

Full Circle artists collective with grounded wisdom for the Painted in the Desert film


Written by Mellissae Lucia You know those times when you meet people that you immediately like? Last night’s filming for the Painted in the Desert movie was like that. MK is friends with… Continue reading

Northwest artist couples magical island compounds for the Painted in the Desert film


Do we have the best job ever? ¬†MK Barr & Mellissae Lucia ventured onto a lush Northwest Island last week to film creative couples Dick Marquis + Johanna Nitzke Marquis and Charlie +… Continue reading