Paul Marioni, glass artist interview today!

Wow are we blessed. We had an incredible interview with the glass artist Paul Marioni today! I grew up visiting Paul’s artists cooperative building since I was a child, and he was one of my early visions of what being a professional working artist could be. His living space and studio were surrounded with beautiful and funky creations, he always had somebody interesting around having conversations about any and everything, and there was a feeling of freedom and exploration that still guides me to this day. It was also a treat to show Paul what I had been working on over the last five years. He had not seen my Painted Body work that is in my Oracle of Initiation deck, and it was like a homecoming to share my work with someone who gets “working subterranean.” Many blessing to the courage and independence of the trail blazing artist I was surrounded by as a kid.

Paul’s work at Traver Gallery