Photo Booth joy and an Artists Call to ACTION with 9 days to go

Photo Booth Super Heroes!

Article by Mellissae

Hello wonderful Painted in the Desert-A Travel Essay independent film supporters. We have been having a fabulous week filming the glass artist Cappy Thompson and playing at the photo booth machine with Mellissae’s cousin Leela. We filled the 3rd Place books in North Seattle with quite a bit of goofy merriment last night as we changed ensembles and laughed our way through about thirty strips of images. Life is good. We have NINE DAYS TO GO and the project is at $1100 now, and we need $5000 pledged to get ANY of the money. Consider passing on the e-mail below to all your friends, family and co-workers. This can be easy and and fun to support new voices to carry us through theses changing times.

Thank you again for your support! MK & Mellissae

The monkey, turbans and aviaitor glasses on the bee  


How can YOU transform OUR world for just $10.00 today?

“You cannot solve a problem from the same consciousness that created it.

You must learn to see the world anew.”
Albert Einstein

We are reaching out to you today to offer you the chance to be part of creating the world anew. Independent film is one of the radical ways to access our own power.

MK Barr and I are creating a project that has the potential to inspire a new vision for all of us. Although, Painted in the Desert-A Travel Essay is a story about Mellissae Lucia {Melissa Weiss Steele}, it becomes all of our story, because each time one of us steps forward to find the beauty and inspiration in the challenges we currently face, it feeds the new visions.

Take the step, today, to invest in a vision large enough to carry us through for only $10.00! This is the way WE claim our power, by investing in projects that offers inspiration to living a life that sustains and feeds us deeply.

$10.00 is all we’re asking for. Pledging to this project is such a small, simple act that can create a great ripple affect in our world.

Transformation requires the participation of ALL of us, but this does not have to be a burden; many hands make light work. We can do this, when only 390 people offer $10.00 each to Painted in the Desert-A Travel Essay, we will feed the collective yearning for new visions to carry us through.

Become the change you want to see by celebrating and supporting one of the new stories of beauty, magic and inspiration by going here and pledging your support for the world you wish to see:​/projects/107791586/painte​d-in-the-desert-a-travel-e​ssay

Thank you so much, we need you!

Cousin Leela’s Halo