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Paul Marioni – Aren’t presentations supposed to be boring?

October 3, 2013

Well Paul is still a rebel because it was anything but boring!

Some really fun things we got to hear:

  • How Paul made an ornery police chief, that fought Paul on a public project the whole way, cry and hug Paul.
  • How Paul captures glass, film and silky ideas with light.
  • How Paul appreciates the statute of limitations in regards to a car he split in two.  ;)
  • What Paul is most proud of… his children (who are grown, established artists and were there).
  • Words, jokes and great thoughts by Paul that inspired me.

Thanks for a fun time…I’m so glad we went!

Later we went to see Paul’s award winning film from 40 years ago called “Hole”.  It was a mockumentary about a man obsessed with holes.  After that there was a film that Paul was in called “Rest in Pieces”.  I show snippets of “Hole” in Painted in the Desert but it’s well worth seeing the entire film.  Side note:  Paul was the first to show John Waters, David Lynch and other great films in San Francisco.  He’s just plain cool…


When the audio is available from the presentation, it will be available here…

Ellensburg group art show at Gallery One September 6th, 2013

August 26, 2013

MK Barr:

Mellissae is having a show!

Originally posted on Mellissae Lucia:

Friday, September 6th from 5-7pm in Ellensburg, Washington I will be part of a group art show at Gallery One Visual Arts Center. Experience the First Friday Artwalk and see the new photographs I have been creating in abandoned houses and farm lands of the arid side of Washington state. The Hipstamatic App on my phone has been outputting some incredible work, bringing together surrealism with down-home country settings. The show comes out of an Artist Trust Workshop I attended last fall with a lovely group of fellow creators. Below are the others artists included in the show, come upstairs to the Eveleth Green Gallery to enjoy the fun! The show will be up until the end of September if you are passing through another time as well. 408 N. Pearl St. Ellensburg, WA 98926

The show’s location at Gallery One website:

The other artists websites:

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Glass artist Dick Weiss’s show at Traver Gallery with his artists talk tonight!

August 20, 2013

Originally posted on Mellissae Lucia:

My poppa Dick Weiss has a show up now of his beautiful standing glass screens at the Traver Gallery called “A Medium High Tide.” Tonight, August 20th, 2013, he will speak from 6 to 7:30 pm at the Traver Gallery-110 Union St, Downtown Seattle about his life and work. Come. Fun.

P.S. The top two images have been modified with my Hipstamatic camera App called Salvador that duplicates and shifts the images, so you will not see these two screens “exactly” as posted here. HA.


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Richard Royal at Bemis in SoDo

April 21, 2013

We went to the Bemis Building Art Walk today and was surprised to turn the corner and run into Richard Royal’s studio. It was gorgeous!  I’m so sad I didn’t take any pics of that gallery.  Richard is one of the six degrees of most of the artists in the movie.  He did the blanks (I’m pretty sure) for Bob Carlson’s “The Twelve Apostles of the Modern Mind” and for Cappy’s work.  I think his name was sprinkled in a few more times but maybe didn’t make the cut?  I introduced myself and he was, of course, very nice like the rest of the group.

We’ve never been to that artwalk before and we were both pleasantly surprised.  I’d never even heard of it.  Richard said that they took a few years off and then started doing them bi-yearly for a weekend.  The studios alone are stunning and well worth it.  I didn’t have the guts to ask for any pics of just the studios.

Vanessa Steinhillo was very sweet and let me take a picture of her and her dreamy work at her studio.

Street Art vs Tagging Graffiti

March 19, 2013

When I was the president of Cartoonists Northwest, I was responsible for setting up the speakers every month.  I wasn’t prepared for a bit of backlash about asking Starheadboy (Dave Bloomfield) to give a presentation.

Pup in a nest Bolted up on a post by Starheadboy

To be fair, it wasn’t a strong backlash, there were just a few people who talked about being on committees that get rid of graffiti and some subtle complaints about it.  I was surprised but I don’t think I really should have been.  I don’t like tagging either but most people don’t know what the difference is.

An example of the different types of tagging. Some do have more elaborate lettering that is beautiful.


Tagging is when people or gangs write their initials, signs or symbols on the wall to claim the area or to just try and get someone to notice.







Graffiti is the overall umbrella of tagging and the art of wheat pasting, stickers and painting in public areas.  Most artists that paint pictures, murals, wheat paste paintings, chalk paint, etc. call themselves “Street Artists” instead of graffiti artists but I’m sure that will go in a cycle too.  Not to digress too much but graffiti is ancient and has been performed in pyramids by the ancient tourists and Roman times as well.

I grew up in a gang filled area and the people I knew that did the tagging had nowhere else to turn since they were in gangs or kicked out of their home either physically or figuratively.  To me tagging is representative of a community where the people are not feeling honored, not listened to or let’s face it, abused.   When the murals, paintings and graphics come out from the street artists, they are trying to either get themselves known without elitist galleries, have fun with their friends or just spread their art as a gift.  I know some people don’t think of the art as a gift, but you don’t have to love it and it will go away soon…just like advertising and posters.

When I went to Chicago for a visit, I missed the graffiti we usually see around Seattle.  Everything looked so sterile.  I’m not sure what is different from slick advertisements and artists expressing themselves on the backs of signs.  My guess is we’re just so used to seeing advertisements.  Even the advertisements that try and look like graffiti are in a neat rectangle so your mind can ignore it. 

So maybe that’s the secret…just make everything in a neat rectangle so we can decide to look at it or not…just like at the museums?  :D Just wondering out loud.



PS  Not condoning doing any damage to homes or businesses.  Most artists are respectful and besides, the next mural could be a Banksy on your ugly wall!–worth-millions.html

Also, the presentation by Starheadboy went over unbelievably well.  95% of the people who went adored him which included the original people who weren’t that excited.

Charlie Parriott in Turkey which leads me to asking some questions…

March 7, 2013

What I’ve noticed with all of the artists in the film is that everyone seems to be doing things internationally.  What this means to me, but may not mean to you, is that an international career might not show up on my radar.  I know Charlie has a great career here in the US but slowly I’ve been hearing about all the other countries that love glass, photography, painting etc. that have been helping to support everyone.

I hadn’t really thought about finding work outside the US and I’m not sure why.  It’s not snobbery since I adore other cultures, I’m pretty sure it’s just ignorance.  I wouldn’t know the first thing about trying to access other art venues outside America.  I haven’t asked any of the artists but I wonder if they were contacted or did the artist contact the other venues?   If I get any updates from the artists I know, I’ll post it here.


Why you see a lot of posts here about Traver Gallery in Seattle…

February 22, 2013

Because they are one of the reasons that glass had a renaissance!  Also, a lot of the people Mellissae grew up with became friends because they met through the gallery…Plus, I love their work and yay!



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